Living up to our name: Complete Hotel Re-branding in < 1 Week

About a month ago, one of our customers in the Hospitality Industry in Omaha was rebranding their hotel.  By the time they called us, they needed all signs on the property changed in under a week.  This would be no small feat:  The property had over 30 exterior signs, with most on the second story of the building.

We quickly assessed the property and put a project plan into action.

We would start with the ground-level monument signs and work our way up the building.  Three days later, the client’s resident artist approved our drawings.

On the forth day we removed two 4’ x 8’ signs and replaced them with the new signs.  The next day we covered over 12 small signs on the second floor of the building.  The following day, we set up scaffolding and removed a large 30’ sign in order to replaced it.

With the clock ticking, we hit a major snag.

Unfortunately our supplier had cut the new material the wrong size, so it was back to the office where we trimmed the excess.  We were starting to get nervous, two days left and we had the largest and highest signs left.

“Do Not Disturb”.

We started the last day early (7 a.m.) because two of the last signs were under an awning where hotel guests check in and we did not want to disturb our client’s guests.  It was a little windy but luck was with us and the signs slipped in easy.

Murphy’s Law…

You’ve heard of Murphy’s law: When things can go wrong, they will. Some say it’s the luck of the Irish.

In our case – on the final day – an unexpected and unavoidable delay from our supplier meant we would have to wait another 10 days for oversize sheets of plexiglass required for nothing less than the hotel’s main building sign.

“When the going gets tough…”

Things go wrong. It’s a fact of life. The line between succeeding and failing is how you respond to those inevitable and unforeseen challenges.  Without the oversize plexiglass available to complete the project, we created and installed two large 5’ x 12’ banners to cover the face of the hotel’s main sign until our supplier could deliver.

A Team Effort.

On our way off the property we encountered the hotel manager and two of his staff checking out our work.  All three complimented us on the speed and quality of our work.   It was truly a team effort between the hotel’s staff and our crew.  Ten days later we returned on schedule, and replaced the banners with a brand new sign face to complete the project.

An Epilogue.

Signs play a critical, and often underestimated role in the success of every location-based business.

Signs brand your location, drive impulse visits, and according to research: a well executed signage strategy can account for attracting up to 50% of your company’s customers (Learn more).

Yet – despite their importance – signs are often an afterthought.

Let’s face it. Whether you’re starting a business, opening a new location, or re-branding one (as above) there are a multitude of things to consider and manage – often to unmanageable time lines. Signs are often left until the last minute. When they are, you need an experienced, reliable sign company you can lean on to get the job done under pressure – on time and on budget.

Rapid Graphics & Signs strives to live up to our name every single day.

We’re up to the challenge. Just ask our clients.


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